To beat the February blues, Coast2Coast Online music school sponsored a “cute pet” contest. Students shared their pictures of their pets and we made the collage below. Students also spent some time learning animal-themed music in their classes.

Some songs that students learned this past month: Haunted Mouse (Nancy and Randall Faber), Boots (Yvonne Adair), The Mouse in the Grandfather Clock (Stephen Chatman), Calico Cat (Helen Marlais), To Fly Like an Eagle (Anne Crosby Gaudet), Pop Goes the Weasel (arr. by Andrew Markow), Playful Puppy (Linda Niamath), Angelfish (Anne Crosby Gaudet), Courageous Cat (Teresa Richert), Funny Puppy (Anne Crosby Gaudet), The Scooby Doo Theme, and Test Drive from How To Train Your Dragon (arranged by Elena)

Congratulations to Kiki and her family for winning our draw! (Kiki is the one standing on the sofa staring out the window). Her family will receive a gift card of their choice for winning!

Because we had so many great entries to our contest, we decided to make a $100 donation to the Ottawa Humane Society on behalf of ALL the students at Coast2Coast! Thank you for participating everyone!

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