Hello and welcome!

Welcome to Coast2Coast Online Music School! Our thriving school began in 2017, when online piano lessons was still a new concept to many. Fast forward to 2020, when the pandemic forced people to adapt to new ways of learning and taking music lessons. While some have returned to in-person lessons, Coast2Coast continues to provide first-rate online piano lessons through the Internet with our fabulous, knowledgable, and engaging teachers.

We have taught students on their own instruments, in their own homes, while they were on vacation, when they’ve moved to other countries, in different time zones, through inclement weather, and through sick days!

If you have an instrument, a phone, tablet, or laptop computer, an internet connection and a good attitude, we can get you started on your lifelong musical journey!

On the fence about online lessons? Check out our cool info-graphic about some of the benefits of doing online music lessons.