Music Production

Music production is the art of construction of the many disciplines and layers of music. In our music production classes, you will learn to use the common elements of music (rhythm, melody, and harmony) and how to manipulate them to create music. We will teach you how these elements of music relate to instruments. The courses will cover how to actively and knowledgeably listen to music and sound. Understanding signal flow and software will also be an important part of our classes.

In our private classes, you will have one-on-one time with the teacher and will learn how all of the music production tools work together, how to make beats, and how to mix your beats (make them sound good!). The teacher will be able to give you advice on what equipment to get and what software would be best for your personal music goals.

There IS a low cost way to get started–you can use a laptop or desktop computer (Windows or Mac) and iPads or iPhones are great tools for developing ideas on the go. Some of the software (Digital Audio Workstations or DAW) we teach include (but are not limited to) Ableton, GarageBand (free with Mac computers), Logic Pro X, Reaper, or ProTools. A Piano/MiDi Keyboard is great, but not necessary).

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