Our keyboard division provides private piano lessons individually tailored to suit your goals. These lessons are one-on-one sessions where the teacher will coach the student through various skills related to piano playing. Technique, sight reading, ear training, composition, improvisation, and repertoire are some of the topics that will be covered each week. Our aim is to build skills, in an easy, simple manner, a little at a time, week by week, that is reinforced with daily practice.

The student will need a digital piano or acoustic piano that is well-maintained. The instrument is the key to success! Technique is best achieved on a piano or keyboard that is touch sensitive, has weighted keys, and (for acoustic pianos) is in tune. Tuning is usually required once or twice a year, or as needed.

Our school provides opportunities for the student to learn and grow. Weekly progress is encouraged with assignments given by the teacher after every lesson. Take part in our studio-wide progress challenges, share your musical accomplishments on our bulletin board, participate in our masterclasses and be part of our growing music community.

Learning the piano teaches perseverance, discipline, poise, confidence, coordination, satisfaction, patience, creativity, self-expression, achievement, concentration, pride, relaxation, fun, and so much more!

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