Alexander Ravvin

Alexander Ravvin is a guitarist based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He began playing piano at age 6 but moved on to guitar at age 12, which he has stuck with since. At 21, he has completed the three year Cégep de Saint-Laurent pop and jazz interpretation program and is now studying at Concordia University in their Jazz Studies program. Deeply rooted in the larger American songbook, he has a strong background in folk music, country and the blues, but has now been focused on jazz for a number of years.

Thanks to his diverse interests, he has managed to exist in musical contexts ranging from jazz to pop, to country and more. Alexander frequently plays live in the Montreal area in many types of ensembles. He also spends time recording for other artists.

His teaching methods are centred around the unique intricacies of the guitar, partly through ways of understanding how it is organized in order to better play the instrument. Various improvisation tactics are also a focus of his, for example: how to perceive phrasing as we do speaking, learning how to develop a sense of motivic development and connecting improvisation to composition. Alexander is devoted to teaching the student not just how to become comfortable on the instrument, but also how to practice properly by taking a challenging musical element out of context in order to progress in an efficient way. Ravvin deeply believes that learning music should be something that prompts curiosity and excitement, and therefore should be as fun as possible. He encourages his students to show him what kind of music they would like to learn and then will help direct them from there.

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