Christian Guzmán Ramos

Christian Guzmán Ramos is a musician, educator, and producer originally from Mexico City. He has performed on stages and festivals around Mexico, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. In 2007, after participating in recording sessions, his interest in the production of traditional and electronic music led him to pursue studies in audio and electronic music production at the National School for Audio and Music Production in Mexico City.

In 2011, Christian emigrated to Canada and has been living in Ottawa since 2012, where he works as an instructor for guitar, bass, ukulele, ensembles, audio, recording, and electronic music production. In 2019, he participated in development programs for new artists where he represented the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition at the Canada Music Week conference in Toronto. He has received grants from the Ottawa Music Industry Development Fund program for events and project development. Most recently, Christian was an instructor for the Computer Music program at Carleton University in Ottawa, where he is also continuing his studies in music composition. He is administrator of the Ottawa Ableton user group (Official) where he organizes community (virtual and in-person) events for music producers of all levels. He has been responsible for the creation of band ensembles for kids and adults, specializing in Blues, Rock, Funk, improvisation and performance.

Christian strongly believes that music is a life-long pursuit of self-discovery and collaboration. There is always something new to learn and share with students and the community. In addition to being an enthusiastic and passionate musician, he is known for his dedication and commitment to the growth of his students.

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