Jackson Champagne

Jackson is a multi-instrumentalist based in Montreal. He found his love for music first with guitar at the age of twelve and has since picked up an interest in Ukulele, Bass, and Piano. He has studied with Marc Fleury, Greg Amirault, and Tim Bedner. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree, specializing in jazz studies, at Concordia University.

Jackson draws from a diverse pool of influences ranging from blues, rock, pop, electronic and classical music, as well as his main focus, jazz, with roots in the American songbook tradition and a strong interest in modern jazz composition. Due to his use of extended range instruments (7 and 8 string guitars), Jackson has cultivated a strong understanding of how different concepts in jazz are related to each other. Jackson connects these concepts by using the entire range of his instrument to provide a more robust accompaniment that is not possible on a standard guitar while also exploring the other rhythmic, percussive, and compositional possibilities that extended range guitars offer.

Jackson has experience playing live with blues bands, small and large jazz ensembles as well as solo guitar performances. He also has experience teaching beginner students. He approaches teaching with a light heart and tries to focus on making music as fun and accessible as possible. This is because he believes the most important part of music is cultivating a love for not only the music a student listens to, but also the process that goes into creating music, be that interpretation, improvisation, or composition.

He believes studying music is about more than just the music itself and that music can teach larger lessons useful in other aspects of life not related to music. He strives to encourage students to take a deeper look at what they can get out of music and realize all of the positive benefits music can have throughout a person’s life.

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