Julian Bertino

Julian has a Master of Music in 10-String Guitar performance, as well as a Master of Arts in composition from the University of Ottawa, where he is a professor of Music and Computers. He owns and operates Julian Bertino Sound, which records and livestreams musicians in and around the National Capital Region. He also composes music for Podcasts, Theatre, and Film.

Julian grew up entranced by the sounds of retro video games. On his 13th birthday he received an electric guitar, and within several years, he had started performing with several bands, as an electric guitarist, drummer, and bassist. Julian was already known to blend influences of Jazz and Classical, with Heavy Metal and Electronic Music.

Several years later, he discovered the 10-string guitar, and Julian immediately knew that that he needed to share the unique, immersive, and resonant sound of the 10-string guitar with the world. He currently performs on a 10-string guitar built by Mexican Luthier José Perfecto Rubio Vasquez, with a performer’s stand made by König and Meyer.

Having composed, performed, recorded, and produced music in many styles and genres, Julian has a holistic approach to music-making. His personal approach and diverse musical background help him inspire self-motivated students to deepen their own passion and understanding of music, while developing their confidence and technical ability.

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