Matthew Cook

Matthew began piano at the age of five with Claire Hoeffler in Toronto. After completing his Level 8 RCM, he focused on Classical singing for a number of years, studying voice with Narelle Martinez. Matthew has performed in a number of Operas at the NAC. Matthew returned to piano studies and completed his Level 10 RCM, while continuing studies in Jazz and other popular styles, such as Pop, Rock, Blues and Funk.

Matthew has performed with a number of bands of various styles, on stages all around the Ottawa area, including at Bluesfest and Hope festivals, with original bands and entertainment bands. He has also studied drums and guitar. He uses his experience with these instruments to help piano students understand their role in group ensembles. He continues to expand his experience with forays into music recording and the use of computer digital audio workstations to produce music, and help students record and compose in these new mediums.

Matthew has been playing piano for over thirty years and teaching for over 10. He has successfully taught students of all ages and experience levels a range of piano/keyboard skills. His underlying goal is to build solid fundamental skills in his students, with a manageable and progressive curriculum, so that they are capable of pursuing their piano interests in whichever realm they desire. He maintains a flexible learning philosophy and meets each student in a way they learn best, and with a focus on their particular areas of interest. Matthew draws on a variety of educational materials, and writes many of his own songs and exercises to cover a range of skills, from general reading, technique and theory, to the arrangement of lead sheets, improvisation, composition, band performance, and vocalist accompaniment. 

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