~ About Us ~

“What if we could provide a quality, first-class education? What if we could deliver this service in a timely, convenient manner? What if our students and parents could follow us, no matter if our personal circumstances changed and we (or they) had to move? What if we could get parents and students on board?

Then the pandemic happened, and seemingly overnight, EVERYONE was on board. Many teachers did a massive amount of research, invested in technology, upgraded their internet, and carried on working.

No more waiting in waiting rooms. No more wintry commutes and snow days. No more packing up the kid(s) and wasting time in traffic. No worries about germ transmission, sanitizing, and wearing masks.

What we discovered: Students have more ownership in their lessons. Young kids (and older folks!) were learning technology. 5-year-olds can mute/unmute like pros! Kids are more focused. They learn to take their own notes and mark their music! Teachers are learning to use online resources to make lessons fun and exciting. There are fewer missed lessons. The list goes on!

We are all learning from each other and benefitting from this new way of giving lessons. What a neat way to share our musical journey!

Our team of professional, enthusiastic, and experienced music teachers have been continually learning and innovating, seeking out new ways to bring successful online lessons to your home.

We care about our students and their well-being. We believe in providing a nurturing environment and offering a lesson experience that combines acquiring skill and technique with cultivating artistry to create a life-long enjoyment of music. Whether you want to complete exams, or play for fun, each teacher brings a unique background to tailor the perfect lesson plan for you.

Our studio provides music classes for students from beginner through advanced, for any age from children, teens, adults, to seniors.

We are excited to begin our musical journey with you!

Elena Fortin, B. Mus., Music Director